Aug 15

Today’s the Day

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Today was the day! We left Ocean Quest Adventures with Rick Stanley trailing with our van. It was magic to ride the last stage together. The winds were howling behind us, pushing into St. John’s. As we descended towards the port, my eyes filled with tears and never stopped until we reached the Terry Fox Monument at “Mile 0.” Seeing the bronze statue, the mile marker and inspirational words of Terry Fox turned me into a blubbering idiot. “Mile 0. This slate marks the spot where one man’s dream began and a nation’s hope lives on” & “dreams are made possible if you try!

I was never quite sure if we could do it, but today my childhood dream became a reality and I got to share it with the love of my life, Robert McClellan. This has been the expedition of a lifetime – almost 7000 km, one pedal stroke at a time.

We’ve did a tv broadcast on First Edition last night and still have some talks ahead with kid’s campers, museum visitors and YMCA members. This journey may be finished, but the work of We Are Water has just begun.

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  1. Jan Jang

    YEAH!!! Congratulations! *phew* Good job guys – that is a real highlight and life accomplishment!! Check one off the Bucket List. What’s next?? ha ha – I think your own bed/shower/toilet/refrigerator/home etc. will feel mighty good for quite a while. I’m very proud of both of you. Love, Jani

  2. Ema

    CONGRATS YOU GUYS!!!! I’m misty here this morning reading this, I cant imagine what you must be feeling. Sending Love, Light and, Joy your way..

  3. at harden

    congratulations!!! And, thanks….

  4. Anne

    Hi Guys, – - – - – wow, – what a summer you have had, – and what an accomplishment, -
    thinking of our little Clarksville Crt. – and now the wonderful and very accomplished kids
    came from that little court.
    I wanted to live on Moonglow, – the name more sentimental, – now –
    Clarksvile court has class. Our kids have made sure of that.
    I couldn’t be more proud.

    keep up your good work guys

    love anne

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