Aug 13

St. Johns

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Rick Stanley took Robert and I on a day of touring around St. John’s. We visited Signal Hill and Cape Spear, the farthest easterly point on North America. He also took us to Petty Harbour and the Mini Aquarium that he has generously sponsored. There was a lot of action with families visiting the touch tanks and looking at the beautifully laid out displays. Each spring, divers catch the residents of the tanks. These fish take a vacation from predators by volunteering their services at the aquarium. In the fall, they are released again to the wild. There was a young girl I was watching at the facility. She was mesmerized. She dressed up in the scuba gear that Rick provided for the aquarium and put on a sign that read, “future marine biologist.” When her Mother tried to get her to leave, a fit of tears erupted. “But, I don’t want to leave the aquarium!” she wailed. It was the most beautiful cry I ever heard come out of a child. It gives me hope. The staff a the aquarium are amazing people. They are doing the great work of educating the public and giving them opportunities for hands-on interaction with marine life. There was nothing but smiles coming out of door.

In the evening Rick organized a venue and a big group of divers. We gave a presentation at the Manuels River Hibernia Interpretation Center. It was a beautiful new facility will an excellent and helpful staff. There is a geological park on site and a pretty cascading river. People can borrow head sets and listen to interpretive information while walking along the streamway.

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  1. Gord Rabjohn

    So, this is it! You’re done, right? Wow! Congratulations! All the way from Pacific to Atlantic!


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