May 20

Tough Days Ahead

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A strong headwind and long weekend holiday traffic made this a day of concentration. We stopped at a great campground and got set up and decided to do some serious carb loading for the ride ahead. We went for a gentle stroll into town and discovered that we had walked 10k to get food…. completely underestimated!

We keep running into people who either know someone who has made this ride or know someone who died doing it. Either way they want to share their story. From kidney failure to heat exhaustion, bears, diabetes, cars, mental breakdown and syphilis… there are lots of stories!

We met some awesome guys in a cool truck stop diner for breakfast and started talking. The are retiring but “putting the band back together.” They were doing some holiday gigs and traveling in a small motor home. Last night in Armstrong, they played a bar that reminded them of Animal House. It was filled with bikers, Scottish Highland pipers (playing the pipes in the bar) and rodeo cowboys.

Tomorrow we embark on the toughest leg of the journey. We’ll be facing bears, blizzards, big hills, extreme cold, more big hills and isolated camping. All the camping sites in the parks are still closed for winter. There are no food re-supply options or water refill spots open that we know of. We head into Revelstoke National Park and then Glacier National Park. We can see the snowy peaks from our campsite tonight. There is a stretch of over 150 k until Golden and I know we can’t make that distance in a day… yet. We’ll see how it goes! Legs don’t fail us!

Roadside0393 Roadside Jill 0395 Revelstoke Bridge RMC 0399 MooseCrossing0377 LAst Spike 0384 HollisBike0375


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  1. Joe Sferrazza

    Isn’t it amazing the people who are out there? Good luck Jill and Robert. That is serious stuff – the next leg of your journey. Awaiting your next post that all is well.

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